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Fashion Challenges of Modern Muslimahs

I’ve been looking high and low for a well designed, reasonably priced, activewear in Singapore – particularly for one particular genre: Modest Activewear. And I’ll tell you this, it is a rare commodity!

I found one major seller on Facebook marketplaces, whose items are priced about the $40 range. The seller seems to have a good range of colours, and a good following. However, the designs are very oversized so much so I feel like their target segment are among the middle aged and above. And they seem to be doing well! Unfortunately, I think their designs are unsuitable for the Muslimahs of today’s age and generation.

Then there’s the other famous brand founded by a well-known fitness practitioner. They have exclusive designs for their bottoms, and a fair range of oversized long sleeved tops. Their prices are on the high side – we’re  talking as high as $79, which means that their target segment is of the wealthy and affluent Muslimahs. Then again, I still found the same root problem existing here.

I continued doing more research on Google University (lol!), getting feedback from friends & families, as well as crunching some data on Google trends, analytics and e-commerce/social media channels. And I’ve come to a particular conclusion – affluent Muslimahs of today’s time demands the skin  coverage requirements of being a Muslim woman, without being portrayed as old-fashioned or haggardly, AND at the same time, look fine, sophisticated and elegant.

To me, this is a whole new untapped market segment. There aren’t much choices out there right now. You can’t just walk into a major sports store and expect to walk out with something that ticks all requirement boxes; this is an almost impossible feat in today’s world. Most Muslimahs will have the basic, common issues of finding the right size, the right fit (it must be loose and not show body shape), the right coverage and length, the right material and size, all that without looking terribly old-fashioned like some Himalayan bigfoot!

This is where our brand, LHActiv, comes in to bridge the missing gap for today’s Muslimahs whose expectations are rigorous and unforgiving. We are coming up with a plethora of original ideas and solutions for our target segment, and hope to bring great and affordable ModestActiv range of products, that will save you loads of shopping time and money. Today’s busy Muslimahs deserves just that, and more!

Having said that, we want to be all inclusive to our society, and also offer a range of other lines – ComfortActiv, SleekActiv and PrintActiv – so that everyone else, regardless of colour, race, gender and religion, can enjoy and benefit from the products we create.

We know for sure the journey ahead is long and beautiful. And we’re ready for it 🤩👍🏼✨✌️❤️


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