Why buy LHactiv Leggings?

Why buy LHactiv Leggings?

These days there is a whole lot of choice when it comes to choosing a suitable pair of activewear leggings.

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You could opt for the stalwart brands like Nike, Adidas, UnderArmour, Lululemon or GymShark. Yes they have the history, the brand name, the cult following, and most importantly – THE PRICE. I’m sure you’ve experienced a shopping moment where you found a really nice pair that you love, but when you rummaged through the fabric to discover the price, you get a rude shock! Close to a hundred dollars just for ONE leggings? Seriously?

Here is where WE offer you an alternative – choice and voice!

And not just any cheapo alternative, but one of good quality and built, at a more reasonable price. Just look at a closeup video of our revered Konmari leggings below:

Printings are crisp and clear. Workmanship is good. Made in US/Europe. The material, oh dear God, is so plush and soft for an activewear leggings! It’s almost unbelievable. With the four-way stretch, you’ll NEVER want to take these off – be it at home, casual outdoors, or at the studio and gym.

But don’t take our word for it! Here are some customer review comments:

I use these leggings all the time during my yoga (normal and hot) sessions at the studio. They are sooo soft and comfortable to wear that they feel like second-skin! I highly recommend any active women to get these!
– Nur

I like the simple geometric design and it is what caught my eye. It isn’t expensive for such a unique design.
I was more impressed when the delivery came, because the material was unbelievably soft!
– Amber

We also sponsored a pair to Aisyah, Singapore’s first and only Olympic rower. And she only had good things to say! We’ll keep her comments short, because we intend to have a separate review post for that.

I really like it! I understand why it’s a little pricey now. It’s really good quality. It’s so pretty!

Okay so I’m very fussy when it comes to long tights. Cuz I have big thighs so pants usually hang loose on my hips and feel tight on my thighs. But not once did I have to pull my tights up!
– Aisyah, aisyahrower.com

Aisyah’s happy. We’re happy. We are excited we could bring a little joy to her love for sport, and hope we could do the same for you too!

So come on, browse our catalogue at lovehanaa.com. We have a variety of designs for both adults and kids – YES, KIDS TOO! And it won’t stop there, we’re want to be inclusive and eventually offer Plus Sized Leggings as well!

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